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Legal code of Gagauzia Gagauz-Yeri ". The language possesses five vowels or six, under the St. Vse lyudi rozhdayutsya svobodnymi i ravnymi v svoyem dostoinstve i pravakh. The total length of common-used railway tracks is the world's third-longest , and exceeds 87, km 54, mi. In the s, a group of critical realists Peredvizhniki , led by Ivan Kramskoy , Ilya Repin and Vasiliy Perov broke with the academy, and portrayed the many-sided aspects of social life in paintings. Northern Russian dialect with Belarusian influences. The initial impulse for standardization came from the government bureaucracy for the lack of a reliable tool of communication in administrative, legal, and judicial affairs became an obvious practical problem. In Kazakhstan , Russian is not a state language, but according to article 7 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan its usage enjoys equal status to that of the Kazakh language in state and local administration. Russia is the world's thirteenth-largest exporter and the 21st-largest importer. Retrieved July 12, Main article: Russian phonology.

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In , Russian was the most widely taught foreign language in Mongolia, [90] and was compulsory in Year 7 onward as a second foreign language in The consonants typically come in plain vs. Retrieved July 16, Russia has eight—public, patriotic, and religious—official holidays. Saint Ignatius High School. Archived from the original on January 18, With the onset of the Cold War , it competed with the United States for global ideological influence.

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The dialects often show distinct and non-standard features of pronunciation and intonation, vocabulary, and grammar. Russian dialects. Since the times of Nikolay Lobachevsky , who pioneered the non-Euclidean geometry , and Pafnuty Chebyshev , a prominent tutor; Russian mathematicians became among the world's most influential. Archived from the original on March 8, For other uses, see Russia disambiguation. Central dialects 6. Orel Don dialect 9. Archived from the original on May 24, Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan". Tý syel pechenye? The official language in Moscow and Novgorod, and later, in the growing Muscovy, was Church Slavonic , which evolved from Old Church Slavonic and remained the literary language for centuries, until the Petrine age , when its usage became limited to biblical and liturgical texts.

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It is the largest country in the world by area , extending across eleven time zones. It shares land boundaries with fourteen countries. The country's capital as well as its largest city is Moscow. Saint Petersburg is Russia's second-largest city and cultural capital. Rus' ultimately disintegrated, with the Grand Duchy of Moscow growing to become the Tsardom of Russia. By the early 18th century, Russia had vastly expanded through conquest, annexation, and the efforts of Russian explorers , developing into the Russian Empire , which remains the third-largest empire in history. However, with the Russian Revolution in , Russia's monarchic rule was abolished and eventually replaced by the Russian SFSR —the world's first constitutionally socialist state. At the expense of millions of lives , the Soviet Union underwent rapid industrialisation in the s and later played a decisive role for the Allies in World War II by leading large-scale efforts on the Eastern Front. With the onset of the Cold War , it competed with the United States for global ideological influence. The Soviet era of the 20th century saw some of the most significant Russian technological achievements , including the first human-made satellite and the first human expedition into outer space. A new constitution was adopted, which established a federal semi-presidential system. Since the turn of the century, Russia's political system has been dominated by Vladimir Putin , under whom the country has experienced democratic backsliding and a shift towards authoritarianism. Russia has been militarily involved in a number of conflicts in former Soviet states and other countries , including its war with Georgia in and annexation of Crimea in from neighbouring Ukraine , followed by the further annexation of four other regions in during an ongoing invasion. Internationally, Russia ranks among the lowest in measurements of democracy , human rights and freedom of the press ; the country also has high levels of perceived corruption. Its mineral and energy sources are the world's largest, and its figures for oil production and natural gas production rank highly globally. Russia possesses the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and has the third-highest military expenditure. According to the Oxford English Dictionary , the English name Russia first appeared in the 14th century, borrowed from Medieval Latin : Russia , used in the 11th century and frequently in 12th-century British sources, in turn derived from Russi , 'the Russians' and the suffix -ia. There are several words in Russian which translate to "Russians" in English.

Russian is a minority language. Russian [e] is an East Slavic languagespoken primarily in Russia. Russian is the native language of the Russians and belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is one of four living East Slavic languages, [f] roombox is also a part of the larger Balto-Slavic languages. It was the de facto and de jure [23] official language of the former Soviet Union. Russian has over million total speakers worldwide, Russian. Russian is written Russian the Russian alphabet of the Cyrillic script ; it distinguishes between consonant phonemes with palatal secondary articulation and those Russian so-called "soft" and "hard" sounds, Russian.

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In TajikistanRussian, Russian is the language of inter-ethnic communication under the Constitution of Tajikistan and is permitted Russian official documentation.

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Ukraine war: Zelensky says 31,000 soldiers killed since Russia’s invasion - BBC News

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